How Much Gold Is in The World

>> Friday, September 14

The world is filled with alot of gold out there and to say its scare today would be an understatment. One of the main questions i get alot is how scarce is gold? 7.14 ounce per year for every women, man, and child is how rare it is to get a piece of the pie. With over 7 billion people in the world is is important to understand where i got these numbers. I recently read a great blogpost over at my friend business investor pro. He wrote a post going over how much gold there is in the world, with all the statistics i listed before you. Please check it out below.

How Much Gold is In The World


My new blog

>> Friday, April 6

Guys i dont blog here anymore because i have now paid for a domain and hosting.

Check out my new business website.


Penny Auctions

>> Wednesday, August 25

Penny auctions are growing in popularity Given the current economic climate, people are going to look for savings wherever they can. The advance of the Internet has made it easier for people to find great deals online and one of the most inventive ways has been penny auctions. The set-up behind these auctions may be a bit different from what people are used to but the benefits of it will quickly become apparent to the multiple numbers of users who are realizing what penny auctions can bring to them. The range of products available on these sites is growing rapidly and pretty soon you will be able to find anything you want.

There are obviously a great number of penny auctions to choose from but one of the best is, which has a great range of electrical products. The concept behind the site runs along the same lines as so many of the other auctioning sites with the bidding continuing until the countdown hits zero. The idea behind these penny auctions is deceptively simple, which is a huge reason as to why the popularity of these sites is developing so quickly.

It is impossible to get something for nothing these days but it is possible to grab yourself a bargain if you know where to look. The name of these penny auctions come about because every time a new bid is made, the price rises by a penny. It is common for each bid to cost the bidding entrant a set fee, which varies depending on the site or product but these costs are clearly detailed in advance. Like most things on the Internet, it is possible to get carried away but the vast majority of consumers are well aware that bidding on penny auctions cost per bid and are happy to take this into account. Given the low price that the products go for in comparison to their recommended retail price, it is still possible to make a huge saving even after an extensive bidding period. There is no doubt that penny auctions encourage regular watching of the site to ensure that your bid is winning position but given the quick running nature of the countdown, any user should be able to stay on top of their bids quite easily. As more sites like become more popular and build their consumer base, the goods on offer are likely to become more expansive, which in turn will increase the popularity of these penny auctions and the amount of goods on offer. Like all new and innovative ideas on the Internet, penny auctions have managed to divide opinion over their true value and worth but the number of happy customers indicates that there is a lot of benefit to be had. Being fully aware of the cost of each bid and the way that the bid countdown resets every time a bid is placed will ensure you can properly judge the success of penny auctions and learn how to make the most of these sites.


Real Roulette with Live Dealers

>> Tuesday, August 24

Within the checklist of the most thrilling along with superior casino games, live roulette online game is amongst probably the most well-liked ones. Live online roulette online game is really a combination of thrills and also chance, two of the greatest thrilling parts of a casino game, and the real world live online roulette version has both too. The risks are simply the exact same, so to win in roulette game is also a good challenge.

A gambler that has played real roulette casino, or any other live dealer roulette type, will talk about the fact that there's no assured method to winning the casino online game. The live dealer roulette casino online game depends on pure chance, or on the quantity which you bet on your intuition. But, the idea that the live dealer roulette casino online game is really a well-known casino game helps its fame. Any gambler which has enjoyed the roulette game might tell you of the thrilling experience of seeing the wheel spin while holding onto your breath of air until the ball lands may be really exhilarating as well as fascinating to maintain playing the online game. Specific valued players are also taken in by the chance to try their destiny. Which experts claim, added to the opportunity to win large bonus deals jackpots just about without difficulty, can make live online roulette casino a extremely well-known online game to play.

Thus, just before you select to play a live dealer roulette casino game, be sure that you fully grasp the principles in addition to the regulations earliest. It may possibly seem to be basic to you, although. The idea of live online roulette casino is to make bets, as well as check for where the ball lands. The space in which the ball falls indicates the bet that you simply can set. Each and every kind of bet may get you a diverse game payouts depending on the result. So just before you enjoy the live roulette casino and jump on the bandwagon, check out the policies first.

Other than this, it is best to practice the game with out taking any risk. There are many live roulette casino games available in basic types of online casinos. These live dealer roulette games are exceptional for practice, especially since they're ready to be played. But, if you truly want to have an excellent idea of exactly how a actual live online roulette casino video game is, why don’t you look at the exact same casino game play from the live croupier roulette kind before you play. has a totally free live roulette game. If you like the genuine thing, you just want to play the live dealer roulette casino game with real cash.

One more tip to make sure that your superb live online roulette experience is often memorable is to be certain that you simply maintain within your budget. Have a set amount which you like to lose, in addition to only spending that quantity. After you have used your budget, just quit actively playing the casino online game and walking away. If you obtain any earnings. Maintain your game winnings and be certain to go home with the on-line game winnings. Real roulette is often a extremely exciting online game. The adrenaline rush which you get from seeing the live roulette wheel casino spin your fate is compared to no other.


Rewards of Internet Casinos with Real online dealers

The top Online live dealer casino that have interactive croupiers have made the World wide web gambling arena be able to get towards the next level of online gaming. One of the superior things about online live dealer casinos is their real time game playing, You can play your preferred casino games in your own house. You do not have to worry about car traffic, costs, or car parking issues. You do not have to get dressed up to go to the land based casino either. About time, you might enjoy betting video games at any instance, whether within the wee hours belonging to the early morning or at night. The video games are often ready to be played, as well as you need to do not must wait in line to play them. It is possible to even play slot machine casino games in the course of your ten minutes break at work. At any moment that you like to relax and play live uk roulette, you can just load your casino video games along with get your casino gaming account to play. Picture winning some wagers and getting some real money when you are basically playing during breakfast hour. You won’t find greater gambling opportunities than that.

On the web casino operators bring the gambling experience for the gambler with lower financial requirements. You are able to play with out making use of any cash, as well as you are able to stay on playing with out utilizing any kind of payment. It is possible to sign-up in the live casino internet site without having establishing any deposits to have access to all the casino games free of charge. You do not even need to tip the dealers, so the game winnings are all yours.

If you are scared of becoming addicted, simply because the casino video games are usually accessible, you can find systems to avoid it. You are able to remain on playing in addition to playing the video games without having spending any quantity of cash. You can play the games without having any deposits. You are able to also select to set funds with only the quantity that you simply like to spend. This means that you have much more spending options. This is a big benefit since online casinos have many kinds of video games. You are able to play any video game that you simply want, and there are usually totally free video game tables to join. You do not must squeeze through crowds or lines. Other than that, you can just play on one casino video game to the next. This makes it easy to quit the casino game while you're ahead. With so several games you may never run out of choices.

Online casino gives the players a lot more freedom. Yes, you can look at the dealer, but, you remain at home. It might be very actual, but, you are still on the Internet. You do not need to deal with other gamblers as well as casino hosts. It is possible to play casino video games without having the crowded arena of land based casinos.

The Online casino with real dealers has a great deal of extras with out sacrificing any from the excitement and real game entertainment.


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